The website is under construction. Ecosophic Isles will be the website for a group mainly but not exclusively drawn from readers of JM Greer’s blogs https://www.ecosophia.net and from attendees of previous courses and a conference in London, Economics, Energy & Environment https://www.eeecourse.org/ .

Readers who wish can join a private email discussion group. To become a member contact philsharris2002 [at] yahoo co [uk] The group organised its 2nd meeting in London in March 2019 and a third is being planned for later.

Please ignore in the meantime any remaining links to a previous and now redundant website Diary for a Future. Published stories by Phil Harris are available in the After Oil series 3&4 (Founders House, 2015, 2016, Ed. JM Greer),

There will be a ‘blogroll’ list. In the meantime in addition to Economics, Energy & Environment https://www.eeecourse.org/
and JM Greer’s link https://www.ecosophia.net
see also Jason at https://22billionenergyslaves.blogspot.com/ and Brian at http://restoringmayberry.blogspot.com/ and Bogatyr at https://ymgyrchiannwfn.wordpress.com/

These topics continue to be discussed:

1.        science of geological-scale human influence on future climate

2.       ‘ecological’ inevitabilities embedded in the order of the natural world

3.       inevitable resource constraints for future roll-out of industrial civilisation

4.       history of ideas and philosophy and ‘cycles’  

5.      value in low-tech living – past, present and future

6.       personal actions and consequences and ramifications in consciousness

7.       ‘class’ issues in politics and privilege

8.       present imperial structures and structure of world trade, warfare and privilege

9.    the ‘religion of progress’

One thought on “About

  1. Welcome! Those who wish to make comments will be aware of normal courtesies as outlined by JM Greer at all his blogs.

    Just now there is an interesting account of religious doctrines of modern Druidry at Bogatyr’s site Coelbren – see About above for link to his and other sites.
    Phil H

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