Alice Courvoisier’s blogs

Two more blogs that may be of interest to readers of this site have been produced by Alice Courvoisier. The first,, arose from her work teaching mathematics and working with engineers in various institutions and her observation that STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education focuses on technical content whilst only marginally addressing the context in which the acquired knowledge and the new skills are to be used. The blog includes a number of interesting posts and podcasts on the topic of Ethics in STEM, ranging from the ethics of fracking to sustainable electronics, rare metals and green growth. I particularly recommend ‘Techs for the Future II: a response from the heart’ which she presented to the York Festival of Ideas Online in 2020 and in which she asks “what would form a sound basis for ethical and responsible technological innovation?”. Both the podcast of the presentation and the transcript are available at

The second of Alice’s blogs, centres on her photography, storytelling, travel and her thoughts on art and nature related topics. The site includes a magical series of podcasts Tales of a Starry Night, a stories and science podcast on the wonders of the night sky, including stories from different culture about what different people have seen in the night sky

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